New 2016 CD coming up soon!!

Today we started our rehearsal schedule and we did the first 5 originals, trying out different ideas for the new songs. If all goes well we may end up with 10 new originals for the upcoming cd!! Recording dates will be announced soon.

As it looks now we will do the recordings in Wagensberg, Austria . More info:

"almost " showtime !

Two more days to go before showtime! For the people who know us… we will do a few nice "new" songs.
That is one of the reasons you all should come !!

New songs, first 2016 gig, cd

Yesterday we had a fine rehearsal to make sure we will have a blast on our first 2016 gig. The gig is in Diels Restobar, Vijzelstraat 2 in Wageningen. Showtime: 15.00.

In the rehearsal building we checked the studio and as it looks now we can record songs for the new cd in that studio. We will discuss this with the owner because of the equipment that we want to use.

12 June 2016
10 January 2016